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notes from 13thirtyone: What I've Been Up To


What I've Been Up To

Sorry for not keeping in touch this past week. I've moved into my office and am all settled... well, sort of. I'm still waiting on a few reception area chairs, some artwork for the walls and a dry erase board, but I'm definitely working from my new space.

I sent out an email yesterday using Constant Contact to notify my clients and readers of my new address. The ad I sent out is below:

Since our email boxes are filled with so much clutter day in and day out, I had to make this email campaign stand with an eye-catching design and a somewhat-interesting subject line. Also, I've recently redesigned my website so it was important that this email be reflective of the new site's style (you never know how many people will click) as well.

The homepage of the new site is below. Have a look around!

While I was extremely happy with my previous website, I wanted an opportunity to discuss the green aspects of my business a little more. Furthermore, as beautiful as Flash can be, it's just not search-engine-friendly, no matter how many tricks one has up their sleeve. I think the HTML will be a little more effective in terms of exposure goes. Also, updating the site and making changes will be much more efficient.

So... that's what I've been up to. I'll be sure to post some pics of the finished office space as soon as I've finished furnishing it. I hate showing a work in progress. Have a good day!

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Gabe said...

The new site is awesome! great work.