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notes from 13thirtyone: Co-Op America: For Green Businesses


Co-Op America: For Green Businesses

I recently was approved by Co-Op America (...just haven't gotten around to putting that seal on my site yet...) and it's something I'm really proud of. By having this seal and by being listed in the Co-Op America National Green Pages, it shows that I'm a business dedicated to using green practices for a greener planet.

Dani Nordin of The Zen Kitchen in Boston inspired me to apply for my seal of approval. Here's some information for how to do ths for your business (taken directly from the Co-Op America website:

Screening Green Businesses

To become a member of Co-op America’s Green Business Network™, businesses submit an application, or are pre-qualified by Co-op America's Screening Team.

The Screening Team, which is appointed by and reports to Co-op America's board of directors, investigates each applying company to determine: 1) its familiarity with and commitment to social and environmental responsibility, and 2) significant action in terms of this commitment. Our research team also seeks independent data to verify company information.

Specifically, to be qualified to be listed in the National Green Pages™, companies must demonstrate that they:

•Focus on using business as a tool for positive social change.

•Are "values-driven," as well as profit-driven.

•Are socially and environmentally responsible in the way they source, manufacture, and market their products and run their offices and factories.

•Are committed to and employ extraordinary and innovative practices that benefit:
1) workers, 2) communities, 3) customers, and 4) the environment.

Click here to start your Co-Op American Membership Application: Become a Member

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