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notes from 13thirtyone: What I Decided to do With the Blank Wall


What I Decided to do With the Blank Wall

When I was getting settled into my office, I had absolutely no clue about what to do with the huge blank wall that faces my desk. I wanted to be sure I put something there that really inspired me, as I'd be looking up from my desk to peek at it constantly. So I asked readers what they thought I should do.

A comment suggested that I should create an "inspiration board"; a place where I hung different pieces of art and design that really inspired me. The idea was brilliant! Though I've put this up a while ago (and I do apologize for not showing photos sooner), I have pics of the finished wall below.

The first is a close up of one of the boards. As you can see, I just attach random bits of bags, packaging, brochures, etc., that I find to be good design and inspiring. Many thanks to the reader who's idea this was!

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