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It's hard to believe it's that time of year again; it's time to start planing our holiday promotions and to start thinking about how we'll show our clients that we appreciate them.

This year, why not make your client promotions work for you? In other words, how about not just sending a store-bought box of chocolates and calling it good... What about sending that box of chocolates with your logo printed on the box cover and with a handwritten note on your company's stationery?

Below is a list of holiday promo ideas I've come up with that are sure to show your clients that you care, plus, they're all eco-friendly and they won't break your bank!

Bottle of Wine:
This is what I give my clients each year. Through PersonalWine.com, I can create my own custom-designed wine label. This reminds my clients of my abilities as a graphic designer while adding a personal touch. More importantly though, the bottle is 100% recyclable, as I indicate on my wine labels.

Host a Holiday Open House:

What's better than getting the chance to wish your customers happy holidays in person? It's very personal, plus, it shows effort. Set up your office space for a few appetizers and drinks and unlock your doors. This allows you to keep your costs low while inviting your clients in out of the cold. The only waste is those paper plates and cups that are left to be recycled.

Make Your Own Fruit Baskets:
Add a personal touch to your fruit baskets! Purchase used decorative baskets at garage sales or on Ebay then go to your local market for some organic, local produce. Fill the baskets and add a personalized note. You're supporting your local agriculture, reusing someone's unwanted baskets and giving a gift that's more personal.

Coffee and a Chat:
This could take a while depending on how large your client list is, but what if you called up each customer and offered to buy them a cup of coffee? With no agenda in mind, you could sit down with your client and truly get to know them. Everyone knows time is valuable, so the gesture will be highly appreciated, along with the free drink. Remember to recycle your cups, and at roughly $3.50 per drink, this one's a bargain!

Coordinate a Discount:

Join forces with another business in your area that could be beneficial to your client base. Instead of spending the money on actual gifts, work out some sort of cross-promotion. For example, a copywriter may be a useful service to my clients. If I were to work out a deal with said writer for a free consultation for each client (and their clients for me, likewise), they would actually be receiving something their business might truly benefit from. Plus, other than paying to print a voucher on recycled paper, you have a cost-free gift that could result in several new clients for each business.

When wallets get a little tight, and when trying to keep an environmentally friendly approach in mind, all it means is that we need to be a little more creative. Furthermore, I think it truly is the thought that counts.

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Erika said...

I think wine is really a lovely and sophisticated gift. I especially appreciate your take on it as an eco-friendly gift.

Just in case you're interested in other personalized wine label companies, I found a great website (www.bottleyourbrand.com) that does customized wine labels and I'm really pleased with their products. They have great designs and really quality labels that look great. I'm pretty sure they also do custom labels too, which would be right up your alley!