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notes from 13thirtyone: Does Your Business Card Need A Facelift?


Does Your Business Card Need A Facelift?

We all receive business cards all the time. They're everywhere and they're the way our contacts refer us, reach us and even remember us. It's important that your business card not only reflect your company correctly, but also be organized in a fashion that's readable. The following points are provided to ensure you're getting the most from your card.

Material: What better way to have your business card stand out than by not using paper? Just imagine if someone handed you a business card that was printed on cardboard, plastic (recycled, of course), metal or another material. You'd definitely pause to look it over and it certainly would make an impression. Try helping your cards to stand out in the stack by printing on a different material. Plus, you're guaranteed to have a better chance at winning those fishbowl-free-lunch contests always lingering on restaurant counters.

Color: Black and white can be very classy and clean. But how about adding a splash of color? People are visual beings and love to look at color. If your budget doesn't allow for a full-color piece, even a one or two-color card can be more effective and exciting.

Size: The standard 3.5"x2" card is easily accommodated into most Rolodex files and business card holders. However, you can create an interesting shape without sacrificing functionality. Keep the width and try experimenting with different heights. Also, don't be afraid to create a unique size all together. An extremely long business card that can be folded into the typical size can serve as a great mini-brochure.

Shape: If you're considering experimenting with the size of your business card, why not think about shape? Design magazines all over are featuring new and trendy card designs printed in circles and squares. They may not fit into the standard sized holder, but you'll be gaining a definite impression and attention.

Double-Sided: Don't forget about the back of the business card. While it is a little more costly to print on both sides, it's well worth the investment. Think of it as getting double the space! If you have no content you'd like to feature on the back, including an eye-catching pattern or design can be very effective.

Font: No matter the size, shape or color of your business card, nothing is more important than making sure the text is legible. What's the point of printing fancy cards that look great visually, but aren't readable? I recommend no smaller than an 8pt. font if possible be used anywhere on your card. Smaller than that and you're making the reader have to work too hard to see your information.

Overall, business cards are a relatively inexpensive way to market your business. Be sure to get the most bang for your buck by creating a card that's exciting, different and that gives your business the attention it deserves.

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