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notes from 13thirtyone: Creating A Marketing Web


Creating A Marketing Web

I've been working with a friend lately on developing her website and other marketing materials. In discussing her blog, e-mail newsletters and ways to gain more traffic, we started chatting about the power that all three systems have when combined. Sure a blog can be very powerful on its own, but when used in conjunction properly with other online methods of marketing, great increases in search engine rankings and more exposure in the public eye can happen.

For example, writing e-newsletters or e-zines is a great way to stay in touch with your client base and to keep people informed. It helps people to remember that you're there and to also share expertise, thus positioning you as an expert. However, one of the best ways to get people to sign up for them is by placing a sign-up box or link on both your blog and on your website. Don't forget to also include a "forward to a friend" with a "sign-up now" link within your newsletter. Now the three pieces of online marketing are working together to increase the size of your mailing list.

Another idea... Perhaps you sell products online. What if you had a few of your products appear on the side-bar panel of your blog? Additionally, how about featuring one product as a portion of your e-newsletter? When the user clicks on the link from your e-mail or blog, it can direct them to your products page or to the shopping cart directly.

A final suggestion on promoting your blog... Not only should your blog be linked in your e-newsletters, but there should definitely be a link coming from your website as well. Some sites are even embedding their blogs within their websites or creating blogs that are actually websites themselves. Don't be afraid to use the two to reference one another regularly and to send a user from one place to the other so long as your provide a ready-made link and pop up the link in a new window. Make it as convenient for your user as possible.

If all three pieces (or more if you have other digital marketing efforts) are acting together, they create a web, or a net of sorts. This net refers visitors from one piece of marketing to another, thus, increasing the length of time that individual is interacting with your business. This allows for a more informed customer, a longer lasting impression and credible positioning for your company.

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